May. 6th, 2015

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Still not the singer or Disney movie. Man, has it really been nine years since I went to the best genre film festival in North America? Too long! Thus I am going this year, for sure, because Susan and I have plane tickets and a hotel. Directly thereafter we’re going to Gencon. If we seem delirious at the latter, you’ll know why.

Fantasia just announced the initial wave of films. I want to see all of these, of course, but some of them look particularly interesting. In no particular order: Jeruzalem looks potentially insane and cool; Big Match could be the kind of high-gloss South Korean action film I dig; Deathgasm um we’ll see; The Demolisher seems like it has potential; I’m all over anything to do with Milgram, more for the myth of the experiment than the reality, so Experimenter yes (plus nice cast); The Golden Cane Warrior looks awesome; and They Look Like People has gotten very good reviews.

Booyah! Very excited. And as you know, Montreal is within driving range of Boston.

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bryant: (Maggie)
The entry that should be here was screened by LiveJournal because it contained a link to Deadline. According to the Abuse Team, "LiveJournal does not allow linking to Deadline, due to requests made by Deadline's legal department." Except the Abuse Team spelled out the whole URL, which I can't do because it's caught by the spam filter. I've edited the original post, available here, because screw Deadline. That post will be rewarding for anyone who's interested in genre film festivals located in Montreal. I'm not going to repost it here because screw LiveJournal for not standing up to Deadline.

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