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Susan and I spent the afternoon hanging out at Point Bonita Lighthouse on the off chance that someone of the blue persuasion would drop by and try to do something interesting, in which case we had plans to dissuade them. As it turned out, we did get one visitor, but since our teammates had already done something larger and more interesting, there was no chance of tumult even if she’d had plans.

So we took a lot of pictures instead.

Golden Gate Bridge

Point Bonita Lifehouse

Coast North of San Francisco

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Date: 2015-02-24 06:01 pm (UTC)
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Nice location! One of the things I miss about living on a coast is visiting lighthouses. When we lived in NJ we visited a number that were built in the 1850s by Army Corps of Engineers Lt. George McClellan.

Fascinating to learn that the old lighthouse at Point Bonita was too high and they had to lower it to get it below the fog.

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